What hair removal options do you have?

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In the run up to your big day and honeymoon, it’s well worth considering your hair removal options as part of a fuss free beauty regime, and one less thing to worry about as your prepare for a busy time in your life. 

Peter Mcguinness from innovative laser hair removal brand Primelase has given us the low down on all things hair removal, to help you decide which is the best option for your wedding day!

Laser Removal

This high-tech method uses light to actually destroy the follicle, leaving you with fuzz-free skin.

Whilst laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair forever, it does drastically reduce hair growth—to the point that you can stop shaving altogether. You can get it done anywhere on the body, and the machine can cover large places fast. Legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, face…There is no limit to the places you can get laser hair removal. When it comes to pain level, laser hair removal falls somewhere between shaving (painless) and waxing (holy hell that hurts). The technicians use ice to help numb the area before and after the laser treatment. It also gets progressively less painful as treatments continue and the hair becomes finer, Laser technology has developed considerably in recent years and incorporates sophisticated cooling systems to make the treatment comfortable or indeed pain free


Wax is warmed to a temperature that is comfortable for your skin to take, spread over the skin and allowed to cool.  Strips are then placed over the wax and pulled sharp and fast in the opposite Primelase hair removal treatmentdirection of the hair growth. 

Pros and Cons of Waxing is that it can be painful to start with but the more you go for this type of treatment, the less painful it can be. The plus side of repeated waxing is your hair grows back slower and softer.  The downside is that you may get an ingrown hair or end up with spots where hair follicles never grow back.


Warm the sugaring mixture by placing it in a bowl of hot water.  Once its soft enough to spread, remember to always apply onto your skin in the direction of the hair growth.  Cover with cotton strips and pull sharp in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Pros and Cons of Sugaring.  It is said to be a less painful method than waxing and the results last longer. The cotton strips can be washed and reused which saves money in the long run.  Always test a small area first to check for allergies.


Shaving is not just for men but images spring to mind of bits of tissue paper stuck on nicks and cuts made by the razors. If shaving is for you do not go for the cheap razors as you could end up with irritation, soreness and razor burns.  Do NOT shave your face.  Invest in a good electric razor if this is the road you intend to stay on.  If you intend to use it while in the bath, double check it is waterproof and you won't end up electrocuting yourself. This method is the most temporary one as it only cuts the hairs on the skin surface.  Always apply moisturiser before shaving.

Pros and Cons of Shaving can be the cheapest and easiest method, but will need to be done every couple of days.  Extra care has to be taken or cuts and nicks can happen or worse still you could cut a chunk of skin right out of your leg.


March 10, 2020

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