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Top tips to deliver a confident wedding speech

Confidence coach Andrea Barker can help you deliver your wedding speech Credit: #LILK

There is always so much excitement involved with planning weddings, to ensure that everyone has a wonderful day. It can also be a very stressful and anxious time for those who must deliver a wedding speech on the big day; where all eyes are on them and what they say.

This speech could be from the; Groom, Best Man or Woman, Father of the Bride, the Bride herself or other nominated persons.  

For many it could be the first time they have had to stand up and talk in front of other people, and be the sole focus of attention, at such an important event. 

How to Match Your Wedding Music with Your Venue

Couple dancing to wedding music

Your wedding music has a crucial role to play on your wedding day. It’ll add to the atmosphere and help entertain your wedding guests, but you can’t simply turn on the radio. You have to pick the right music to match your chosen wedding venue.

Your chosen wedding venue is an important element in setting the ambience for the big day. The surroundings will impact the overall tone and therefore, it’s important to make sure the music enhances them. 

How can you match your wedding music with your venue?

Size matters

Ed Sheeran tops the charts for first dances at weddings, reveals wedding music experts

Martin Goddard - wedding music

ED SHEERAN topped the list of most popular first dances at weddings in 2018, occupying both the number one and number two spots for brides and grooms taking their first spin on the dancefloor this year with his hits ‘Perfect’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’. The list of 2018’s top ten favourite first dances was released by wedding music experts Music HQ this week, as peak wedding season draws to a close. The Llanelli-based company creates and manages its own portfolio of professional bands and musicians and has provided music for hundreds of couples at more than 460 weddings this year across the UK. 

Other entries on the Music HQ First Dance list were: 

All of Me - John Legend

The ultimate first dance song

Couple having first dance

Research from Sonos, the leader in smart home sound systems, reveals the ultimate first dance song - “The King”, Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit, Can’t Help Falling in Love.


The recent findings from Sonos reveals that more than half of couple’s polled (57 percent) choose their first dance song based on the music they had listened to and reminded them of when they first got together, prompting *almost one fifth of British music lovers to say “I Love you” because of the music they heard out loud.


The Wedding DJ Checklist

wedding DJ

You might think that, in these modern times, you can't go far wrong with a wedding DJ. If you can find someone who can provide and operate their own laptop, then you've instantly got access to pretty much every song ever. At the click of a button, the person behind the keyboard can summon anybody's all-time fave, so you must be onto a winner.

Top tips for mind-blowing wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment duo

At a time of the year when many couples are celebrating getting engaged over Christmas, or planning proposals for Valentine’s Day, two Leicestershire businessmen are guaranteeing your dancefloors will be full. The guys behind Your Wedding Entertainment have put together their top tips for mind-blowing wedding entertainment.

Firstly couples should ensure that they avoid the That’ll Do approach when it comes to wedding entertainment. It shouldn’t just be a DJ in the corner or a band going through the motions - this is what people will remember from your wedding, make sure your guests go home with smiles.

The Ultimate Wedding gift list in your pocket!

Wedding Gift App Inspired

The Wedding Shop becomes first UK gift provider to launch an App

The Wedding Shop has become the UK’s first and only gift registry to launch an App making the planning process even easier for their couples. Available on iOS devices, the easy to use App gives brides and grooms who are registered with The Wedding Shop the chance to manage and build their list whilst on the move and away from their computer screens. Plus, a handy new integrated barcode scanner will allow them to add gifts to their list when out and about!


Is booking a DJ actually easier than booking a band?

Wedding DJ

Our wedding days are planned to perfection, nothing is left to chance from the speeches to the first dance. Unfortunately, while we don’t have much control over speeches and the embarrassing stories that come with them, we do have control over the first dance. The song choice, and whether that song is sung by a live band or a DJ playing the original song, is a tough choice for many. Traditionally, live bands have always been the first choice for wedding music, however recently , there seems to have been a shift as more couples turn to DJs. s In the age of convenience, perhaps this shift is a result of people believing that it is easier to book DJs over bands, however quite the opposite is true.

How to get John Legend to perform at your wedding

Zak Biddu

The wedding organiser contacted us about a prestigious wedding in Rome of an Asian bride and groom. The approximate entertainment budget, date, type of audience and venue were provided. The wedding organiser asked us to come back with ideas for acts who could perform the first dance and then launch into a full performance. We then checked the schedules of potential and suitable artists within the budget and reverted back to the wedding organiser with our ideas.

‘I will always love you’ is the nation’s favourite first dance song

Always love you

- Dancewear Central has found Whitney Houston’s version of ‘I will always love you’ is the nation’s favourite first dance song

- Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and the Dirty Dancing theme ‘Time of My life’ were also in the top three

The rise of the choreographed first dance

Weddings have gradually become more and more expensive, with the average wedding in Britain costing £27,000 in 2017, up from £21,000 in 2008.

The MacGuffin Project


Located on Old Christchurch Road, at the site of the former Dusk till Dawn nightclub, The MacGuffin Project is the south coasts newest attraction everyone is talking about.

Bringing a slice of London magic to Bournemouth town centre, The MacGuffin Project offers people an escape from reality by immersing you into the dark but beautiful world of the long forgotten MacGuffin Carnival. It’s down to you and your team to work together, unravel the mysteries and overcome the challenges that unfold before you. Interact with machines, communicate with lost souls and piece together the past as you race against time to complete your missions.

8 wedding traditions from around the world

8 wedding traditions from around the world

Wherever you are in the world, weddings are always a great day, full of love, laughter, and much celebration. While you will probably attended enough weddings to know what to expect from the day, there are some wonderful country-specific traditions that you may not be familiar with if you have only been to a wedding in the UK.


Whether you find yourself at a wedding somewhere else in the world, or are simply looking for wedding inspiration and want to incorporate some unique practices into your own, experts at language app Babbel ( have shared a list of marital traditions from eight countries around the world to give you some insider info.


What to do if your band cancels at the last minute


Our wedding days are planned down to every last intricate detail. From scattered rose petals on table tops to the order of canapés served and even right down to the very last song on our wedding playlist. Many of us spend months searching for the perfect band that is to our acquired taste. It takes time to choose a band you and your partner feel will conjure the exact atmosphere you have been putting together with every other element of your fairytale day.


But what happens if the unexpected happens and your band cancels last minute? Whether the cause is illness, bereavement, or transport failure, a legitimate reason doesn’t make the situation any less daunting. First things first, stay calm. We have everything you need to know to avoid the last minute dreaded panic.

Why not sprinkle extra sparkle on your wedding day

It is now just 5 months until bonfire night, how time flies! But fireworks aren’t just for bonfire night and New Year! Fireworks can be enjoyed all year round, so why not sprinkle extra sparkle on your wedding day with a fantastic firework display that lights up the sky and superbly caps off an unforgettable day. Not forgetting the awesome photo opportunities they create, with the fireworks as your backdrop.