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The Best Dress Watches for Grooms

Dress watches for the groom

Looking for that one thing to make your wedding day just a little bit more special? The perfect dress watches for grooms! It has become a bit of a tradition for the bride to gift her future husband a watch on their wedding day - Perfect for celebrating the next step of your relationship and momentous occasion. Your husband can wear it on the wedding day and every day after and whenever he looks down at his wrist, he’ll think of you.


Styling on the day

Styling on the day

When you take your waistcoat off, make sure you can’t see any shirt between the waistcoat and your trousers as it ruins the clean look. Raise your trousers higher! 

Bring an extra shirt of the same fabric, just in case. This is huge. If the one you’re wearing is double cuff, bring an extra single cuff. On a high-pressure day like this, anything could happen; from forgetting your cufflinks, to a red wine spillage or even forgetting your shirt altogether! To be prepared is to be relaxed.

Simon Carter Presents SS18 Collection: Key Pieces

Simon Carter Presents SS18 Collection: Key Pieces

Calling all stylish grooms-to-be! Suit up for your wedding day in impeccable fashion with the brand new SS18 collection from British favourite, Simon Carter. 

Experts in the style of English Eclecticism, sharp tailoring is mixed in with playful prints and quirky touches – making it easy for a groom to stand out from his guests. Born in the 1980’s, Simon Carter still proudly embodies a presence of both tradition, and heritage throughout his designs of today. 

Although the brand is widely recognised for it’s array of unique printed shirts, Simon Carter goes beyond just tailoring to offer the full works for any desired wedding day look. Set off your chosen look with a varied selection of design led accessories including jewellery, watches, ties and footwear. 

The New Grooms Wear Trends SS18

Grooms wear trends

Once again, summer wedding season is almost upon us. Beyond the extravagant flowers, intricate table settings and breath-taking venues, we are taking a look at wedding fashion. More specifically, we’re looking at grooms fashion and one grooms wear trends in particular that is ready to make a splash for SS18.

Traditionally, the black tuxedo has been the go-to option for grooms. With it’s no fuss simplicity, slimming silhouette and classic approach, it almost seems a no-brainer. However, as men’s fashion evolves, alternative possibilities are starting to become a lot more accessible in the modern market.

3 Untold Ways to Prevent Overpaying for Your Wedding Suit

Mens Finest

Undoubtedly, wedding is the most illustrious occasion in every man's life, as this mark the beginning of a new chapter in his life. On the wedding eve, like all men, you must be striving to look charismatic, smart and ‘dress-to-kill’. Making sure the heads of your best pals and relatives turn towards you, and most importantly, magnetise your bride at first look. However don’t try to out-do your bride. She is the most important person that day. Picking a wedding suit has always been a baffling task, because, you need something really adorable the match up the aesthetic beauty of your upcoming soul mate.

Slaters winter wedding outfit blog

Slaters wedding outfit

Attending a Winter Wedding? Here’s Your Perfect wedding Outfit!

As much as its tradition to let the groom standout in style on his big day, weddings are the perfect occasion to express your own sense of style, and turn heads for all the right reasons.

If you’re attending a winter wedding and are still looking for the perfect attire for the day, then we’ve got this season’s most on-trend wedding guest outfit waiting for you at Slaters.

Get this seasons on-trend wedding outfit from Slaters

Say hello to the velvet jacket.

Choosing a Fragrance for your Wedding Day

Millicent Poster

By Sophia Fannon-Howell, Deco London

Fragrance is personal. Most of us know what we like and what we don’t. However, buying a fragrance for a special occasion can be difficult, especially if that occasion is your wedding day – a moment you will remember for the rest of your life, making the scent you choose forever associated with the memory. Specialising in a range of vintage perfumes, reimagined with a modern edge, we asked Sophia Fannon-Howell, founder of British perfume house, Deco London, for her advice on finding the perfect Wedding scent.

Perfect Jewellery for the groom or groomsmen on that special day!


Abi Insoll Fine Jewellery today launches its vibrant and magical Vintage Button Cufflink collection, which sees buttons of glass and metal - originating from as far back as the Edwardian era - mounted on silver or gold for the perfect wrist adornment. Designed and made by hand in Abi’s workshop on Eel Pie Island, each unique set of cufflinks has been lovingly crafted with comfort, style and ease of wear in mind; perfect for the groom or groomsmen on that special day!


Slaters’ Statement Collection – September Wedding Style

Slaters’ Statement Collection – September Wedding Style

September is often considered a bit of a transition month for style, summer fashion seems a little outdated but it’s not quite time to break out the Autumnal colours yet. So with that in mind, we would recommend that a September groom shifts his focus from colour to pattern.  

Slaters’ statement collection has bold prints at its core, and is the perfect option for those transitional months where you just can’t pick a colour of the season.

The main print we’d recommend for September is a check, Slaters’ collection of checked suits are available in various colours, and range from being super bold, to a little more subtle, so whatever your style, you can make a patterned suit work for you.

Meet the Collection

Be Bold and Bright This Summer, with Slaters


Summer weddings are the perfect occasion to be brave, and go bold and bright with your outfit. At Slaters, we believe that standing out from the crowd is a good thing, and we give you all the tools to do so!


Whether you’re feeling colourful and bright, or dark but bold, we’ve got the perfect suit to get you styled and ready for this summer’s weddings.


Slaters’ Collection of Colourful Suits - 


The Burgundy One

Style guide: how to look good in a suit


Wearing a suit is easy but wearing it well is another thing altogether. With fit, style, accessories and colours to take into equation, it can so easily go wrong. has created this step by step fitting guide to help you through the process. Follow their advice and you’ll be the best dressed guest at your next wedding.  

Fitting Guide

When buying a suit, it's important to check that it fits you properly, both in terms of comfort and style. Below are the crucial areas to check when trying on a suit to ensure it complements your body...

Alternative suits for the groom for your rustic, festival or vintage wedding.


By Kate Beavis


So often we see amazing new dresses for the bride and even bridesmaids but what about something different for the groom? With more couples choosing an alternative wedding, whether it be boho, festival or vintage, getting a suit to match the look can be a tricky one.

Let us introduce you to 20th Century Chap, a vintage inspired menswear collection aimed at the dapper gent or the hipster groom.  Think Don Draper cool, with a bit of Peaky Blinders mixed in, with pieces that are closely based on the early designs from the 1930s-1950s.

Welcome to Slaters


Originating from a small tailoring business in 1904, Slaters took the leap into the retail world in 1973, and have been growing their male fashion business ever since. 

With 25 stores across the UK, including locations in some of the most well shopped cities in the country, Slaters have well and truly put themselves on the map. 

Stocking both leading name labels and their own high-quality clothing ranges, Slaters have become one of the most diverse shopping destinations for men. 

David Gandy’s essential wedding wear


WEDDING season has arrived and a luxury men’s brand has the perfect range of statement socks, to complement a range of styles, this season.

The London Sock Company are offering a bespoke wedding service for their elegant and colourful products, ensuring the groom looks his best from head to toe.

Customers can personalise their socks, using the specialist embroidery package, adding their initials, the special date, or whatever takes their fancy, so they’ll have a lasting memento of the big day.

Everything you need to know about dressing your groomsmen


Dressing the groomsmen could potentially become one of the biggest tasks of planning your wedding, whether you’re a groom trying to get your fellow men in line, or you’re a bride trying to organise everything, Slaters are here to help. 

Slaters are a menswear retailer and formal hire service with over 40 years retail experience, so you can be assured that you’re in safe hands with us. 

We love a wedding, and truly believe that the modern man cares as much about the way him and his party will be dressed, as much as the ladies do, so we’ve got an extensive array of suits and traditional highland wear that can be either purchased or hired. 

So, what are your options when it comes to dressing the Grooms party?