Why London is the perfect city for your hen and stag parties

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With all the stress of planning for your upcoming wedding, you and your partner are probably looking forward to letting loose at your hen and stag parties. We asked Danny Horwood from Foxtrail London, who offer an innovative scavenger hunt in the city, to share why he thinks that London is the perfect place to celebrate with your friends.

A stag or hen party is the de rigueur way to celebrate the end of single life. Often the most enjoyable item to tick off the wedding prep list, a stag or hen do is the perfect excuse for the soon-to-be-wed to let their hair down after months — or even years — of preparing for their wedding day.

London has everything you'd want for the perfect hen and stag parties: fun, culture, and quirkiness. Why go abroad when we already do it so much better here?

It's practical

Weddings are expensive, so it's important to save money where you can. A survey of 2,000 people revealed that those who go overseas for their hen or stag do spend close to £1,000 on average, almost double the cost of a do in the UK. It would be significantly cheaper to have your hen or stag in England's capital city rather than dragging your loved ones abroad, which leaves more room in your budget for last-minute wedding emergencies.

Group excursions in London are also much easier to organise. You don't have to worry about flights, passports, or, if you're already London-based, hotels. Thanks to the underground and other modes of public transport, it's incredibly easy to get around the city if you're the kind of person who likes to pack a lot in, plus its centrality means that even the most time-pressed and far-flung people on your invite list are more likely to be able to attend.

Twilight in London, ready for hen and stag partiesThere's lots to do

Catering for crowds and niche interests alike, everyone has a favourite place in London. Outdoor-types explore its many royal parks packed full of lakes, greens, gardens, nature reserves, and sports grounds. Shopaholics get their fixes by attending markets, world-renowned department stores, designer boutiques, and auction houses. Foodies can eat their way around the world with dishes from every culture, from street food to fine-dining experiences, plus dance the night away in enough nightclubs to suit even the most diverse of tastes.

Activities aside, London is an incredible city just to be in, especially if your wedding party is from elsewhere in the UK. By simply walking down the street you can be among some of the best designed buildings in the world and take in the history of this innovative city. Why not get the full effect by taking an interactive tour? Tourists will love seeing the sights, and people who live in London might discover hidden areas they didn't even know about.

It's quirky

Despite its many bustling tourist attractions, it's London's quirky personality and secret spots that make it such a good stag and hen do destination. Creative stag and hen party planners can find plenty of opportunities to think outside the box and facilitate a do to remember, with activities ranging from adult ball-pits and drag brunches to urban scavenger hunts.

Remember that your stag or hen party is a chance to celebrate your single self with the people that love you most, so don't be afraid to take your personality into account when choosing an activity. You can afford to dare to be different because London has a little something for everyone.

These are just some of the reasons why London is the perfect place for your hen and stag parties. Unique experiences with people you love in one of the greatest cities in the world will ensure that your do is one to remember — not just for you, but for everyone you choose to invite.

You can book your perfect hen and stag parties with Foxtrails here.

May 2, 2019

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